Bear & Moo Reusable Nappies

Bear & Moo Reusable Nappies

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I want all the prints, how can I choose just one

Comes with one 4 layer Microsoft insert
(others inserts can be found HERE)
Adjustable domes so it grows with you child
Pocket design so you can make your own absorbency to suit your child, simply had more inserts and mix your own combo
Made with a waterproof PUL and a soft suede lining to keep dry against their skin

Designed in New Zealand

Cloth nappies are fast becoming a normal option for parents, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't sound all too overwhelming for most. Where or how to I start, what brand is best, is there rules I need to follow, I need to buy everything at the same time.

The answer is simple, always as questions. It will be helpful for someone else too, I promise. Unsure how you should use them, get in touch and we will send you some tips and tricks how to use. Start with one nappy, get comfortable with the idea and then add more. This makes it much less overwhelming. 

Suede Lining – a synthetic fabric which has the benefit of quickly wicking
moisture away so it sits dry against your baby’s precious little bottom. Basically it will allow urine to pass into the absorbent insert but generally not back the other way unless the nappy is really saturated. A little added bonus of this – suede is quicker to dry after being washed which can cut down your turnaround time.

NB: If you are planning to use these nappies at night, we would highly recommend boosting these with hemp inserts.