Bear & Moo Training Pants

Bear & Moo Training Pants

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The cute option when toilet training but need need back up

Pull up style nappy with minimum absorbency to help your little one move from nappies to toilet training

They are a one size fit, like undies with an elasticated waist and leg holes
Made with waterproof PUL with a cotton lining for comfort
Cost effective - you only need one (or every print if you are me)
Great for the environment, no nappies going to landfill after each use
Designed in New Zealand 

From the owner: The leg holes are approx 23cm and the waist is approx 33cm. My 3.5 year old has a 50cm waist and 33cm leg and they fit him well, so best suited for 2 to 4 year olds.

Please Note: You cannot add absorbency to these training pants.  The absorbency is built in. They are designed for small accidents and as a middle option between nappies and underwear, not as a night nappy.