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Easyblinds Easynights Portable Blackout Blinds

Easyblinds Easynights Portable Blackout Blinds

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Light enough to carry with you in its own handy bag, you can quickly and easily install an effective blackout blind anywhere.

This portable version of easynight is ideal for travelling and when out and about.  Suction cups and removable self-adhesive fastener strips make this portable easynight blind versatile for use on any window, anywhere.

Easynight fabric is black on one side and silver on the reverse - the silver side faces out of the window in use, for better heat and light reflection. Lightweight, this fabric weighs 170g per square metre.

Easynight fabric can be cut to size without fraying - please use a sharp scissors for best results. If you prefer not to cut the fabric, then it can be used with the excess hanging down or to the sides.

Size XXL can be cut to make two smaller blinds if required.

The removable frame fastener strips included can be used on painted wooden or upvc window frames.

To make your blackout blind, simply

  • Apply your suction cups to the window glass, or removable Frame Fastener strips to the window frame, or a combination of both.
  • Apply the Fabric Fastener strips to the silver side of your easynight fabric, positioning them to correspond with the attachments you have placed on the window.

Your easynight blackout blind can now be attached and removed quickly and easily - apply and remove daily as required.


 1.5m x 1.4m

 with 16x fabric and frame fastener strips and 10x suction cups


 2m x 1.4m

 with 16x fabric and frame fastener strips and 10x suction cups

Extra Large

 2.3m x 1.4m

 with 16x fabric and frame fastener strips and 10x suction cups


 3m x 1.4m

 with 20x fabric and frame fastener strips and 20x suction cups










Here is some important info to read prior to putting the blinds up:

The window frame must be completely clean and dry.  Some cleaning products can leave a residue behind so we recommend rinsing the frame with water after cleaning, and allowing it to dry completely.

It’s important to place the strip correctly the first time, as removing and re-positioning weakens the adhesive. I also found placing the velcro pads higher and closer to the edge of the blind than the photograph shows on the instruction booklet made a firmer grip so the blind could not flop over and let light sneak in. For additional protection against peeping light you can use the 3M Command strips (not included) and place these strips in the corners of the windowsill as shown in the photographs.

Please use all the self-adhesive fabric pads / frame fasteners and suction cups evenly to distribute the weight of the blind.   When placing the sticky pads on the blinds, make sure this is on the silver backing, press firmly and leave 24 hours so the special fibre can adhere to the blind. 

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