EM's for kids - Baby Earmuffs

EM's for kids - Baby Earmuffs

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Fireworks – Live Sport – Motor Racing – In Flight Travel – Live Music – Noise Sensitivity

The ORIGINAL BABY EARMUFF by Ems for Kids is a high quality, industrial grade hearing protection earmuff made in the USA and designed specifically for babies from 0 to 18 months (newborn safe). Product includes 2 earmuff cups with 1 adjustable, velcro headband.  

Protect your little one’s ears in ANY environment with Ems for Kids.

FOR AGES: 0-18 months


Age Recommendation:
Newborn - 18months

Colours Available:
Bubs Earmuffs: white & black
Headband: white, black, blue racer, oyster pearl, lemon floral, pink with spots, camo

Weight: 100 grams

NRR: 22dB

Mean Attentuation @ 500Hz: 26dB

Mean Attentuation @ 1000Hz: 30dB

Dimensions: H: 5cm W: 7cm