Headu ABC English

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Learning letters and words is fun with the ABC English memory cards!

Help develop your little one's vocabulary, observation skills, and visual memory by playing the game. 

Main Intelligence: Linguistic 
Skill: The English Language 
Topic/Context: Mixed basic vocabulary
Learning Objectives: Recognising the alphabet in English; Extending vocabulary; Developing visual memory; Concentration
Game Type: Memory cards

Quick Instructions: Arrange the cards face up and study them for 30 seconds, looking for as many pairs as you can. Then flip the cards face down and take turns trying to remember where the pairs were, turning over two cards at a time to try get a match! Keep the pair of matching cards if you get them right, or remember what was where for next time if you get it wrong. Whoever ends up with the most pairs wins! 

More Information

Age: 3–6 Years
Number of players: 1–3
Duration: 15 minutes
Contents: 62 memory cards & instructions
Box Dimensions: 12 x 29.7 x 29.7cm
Origin: Made in Italy