Kiddikutter Knives

Kiddikutter Knives

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KiddiKutter features a child friendly design with bright colours and no sharp edges.

New and Improved design:

The blade is much wider than our much loved version, this makes it easier to cut everything.

The cutting blade is thinner which gives beautiful clean cuts to the food whilst of course keeping it safe for your little chefs fingers.

Kiddikutter now comes in eco friendly packaging, making the whole product recyclable.

We personally highly recommend them.



With the wider blade it’s now possible for your child to spread butter, toppings etc, so they can now make their own sandwich for school. Woohoo!

The coating on the blade is a ceramic coating used in top chef’s knives and of course we have made this to the same very strict standards as all of our knives.

The coating, stainless steel and handle have all passed European, Australian and US standards for non toxic products.

Have you heard about avocado hand? It’s a thing, look it up!

The new Kiddikutter blade will let you cut an avocado on your hand without slipping and hurting yourself, so it’s a great tool for parents to use to. Bonus!

Often copied but never matched!