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Kiddikutter Knives

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KiddiKutter features a child friendly design with bright colours and no sharp edges.

Even though there are no sharp edges, your KiddiKutter is able to cut through everything from a tomato to a steak with ease. It’s able to do this by using rounded teeth and an easy sawing motion. This makes it very easy for your budding chefs to make their own lunches and creations whenever they like without worry about accidents.

Kiddikutters are specially designed with rounded serrations so they cut food, not fingers. Use them in the kitchen to teach kids about healthy eating and to involve them in preparing and cutting up food. Since Kiddikutters can also cut through meat when used with a sawing action, they are ideal to use as cutlery. Let children use them at the dinner table to boost their self-confidence and teach them independent eating habits.

Available in six funky colours, KiddiKutters are safe for children two years and above. They are also ideal for older children and people with special needs. Our products are 18 centimetres long.


Kid-Safe and Effective – BPA-free, food-safe knives that won’t cut skin.

They come with extensive testing to help ensure that they’re safe for your children to use, and they have Australian, European, French and German safety certifications included.