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Mammas Milk Bar Lactation Hot Chocolate - Coconut Chocolate

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Litterly Liquid Gold when it come to Lactation Drinks

Mammas Milk Bar Coconut Lactation Hot Chocolate is perfect for the cold weather, snuggle up with a cup or why not treat yourself to an iced chocolate!! 

Imagine silky, coconut, chocolate, decadent dreams of the tropics

Our delicious drinking Lactation Hot Chocolate is blended with dutch Cocao Powder, Coconut Creamy goodness and galactogogues ingredients to support breastfeeding, pumping mothers in boosting breastmilk supply. Rich in MCT's and Organic Coconut Cream for fattier milk to keep baby fed for longer too.

Proudly New Zealand Made xx


Add 2 Teaspoons to your cup and enjoy

200g per bottle - each bottle contains between 23-28 servings

500g per bootle - each bottle contains between 60 - 65 servings

Dutch Cocoa Powder, Gluten Free Brewers Yeast, Powdered Cane Sugar, Powdered Organic Coconut Cream, Real Coconut

 Yellow circles with images to show the product is 100% natural, vegan, low in sugar, dairy free, wheat free, nut free