Milla Everyday Marine Collagen - Passionfruit

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this one is by far the most effective in change that I’ve noticed

it all starts with our original, purified marine collagen. sustainably sourced from france, it's gluten and dairy free, as well as being hydrolysed for optimum absorption.


it contains 18 amino acids to support your inner health and is blended with a little vitamin c to boost your body’s defences and support natural collagen production.

our nude is unflavoured and unscented making it the perfect addition to anything hot or cold. however if you like a little flavour, without the sweeteners, we offer naturally flavoured alternatives flavoured only from whole fruit.


add 3 milla spoons full (5g) to your favourite food or drink up to three times daily



Over time, our body naturally produces less collagen. Milla's range of products use highly-purified marine collagen, designed to restore collagen sources &
strengthen your body from the inside out. 



each 5g dose contains: 
marine collagen 4000mg
vitamin c (from ascorbic acid) 100mg
also includes passionfruit powder.
made in new zealand from  
local and imported ingredients.