Mombella Dancing Elephant Teether

Mombella Dancing Elephant Teether

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A fun name and a great gift idea and is great for babies

Nubs are perfect for biting and gently soothes sore gums
Soft Silicone for teething relief
Bright and cheerful colors stimulate vision
Perfect size for little hands, easy to grip
Sterilizer and Microwave Safe
  • Made from 100% food grade and FDA approved silicone, the Dancing Elephant is super soft on sore gums and budding teeth. For gentle relief from teething, it is perfect to use with tooth gels and is freezer safe for that cooling sensation babies love.
  • Before teeth sprout completely, babies love the feeling of the short and stubby nubs on their gums during teething. While everyone knows that silicone is soft, there are actually a wide range of densities with some silicone products feeling much harder like plastic and some feeling ultra soft like a gummy bear. We have developed the Dancing Elephant with an exceptionally soft silicone that is perfect for biting and that provides superior relief for sore gums.
  • The Dancing Elephant is specifically designed to be easy for babies to grasp to help develop fine motor skills. Babies love the dancing feet and open body which is perfect for attaching tethers and clips to keep it accessible and off of the floor!
  • Made from high quality and ultra durable silicone, the Mombella Dancing Elephant is safe to put in the sterilizer, microwave or dishwasher to ensure it is cleaned thoroughly between uses. The Mombella Dancing Elephant is a great gift idea and is great for babies 3 months and up. Perfect for teething but also super fun for older kids too!
  • With a commitment to high quality materials, the Mombella Dancing Elephant is free of all harsh chemical. We are sure the little one in your life with love it!


BPA Free
PVC Free
Latex Free
Phthalate Free