Ro.Sham.Bo Strap & Ear Adjuster Kit with Hard Carry Case

Ro.Sham.Bo Strap & Ear Adjusters with Hard Case

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We've made it easier to buy your favorite shades accessories with just one click! Our combo includes our Head Strap, Ear Adjusters and Carrying Case for Baby, Toddler and Junior sizes!

Comfy, stretchy, light, easily detachable food grade clear silicone head strap for toddler and baby glasses to keep them on your little person's face while preventing loss. The strap kit also comes with adjuster pieces that can slide onto the arms of the frames (behind the ears) to ensure a better fit on infants or kids growing into the larger sizes.

Our durable case will keep your shades or glasses out of harm's way when taking them on the go. Compact size makes sure they fit in your bag easily! Comes free with each prescription glasses purchase!