dark bedroom with person asleep, a soft bunny toy sitting beside the white noise machine with the red night light glowing

Yogasleep Dreamcenter with Night Light

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Opt for nature sounds, sleep songs, or meditation soundtracks.

Set the scene for drifting off into dreamland with the help of the Yogasleep Dreamcenter Multi-Sound Machine and Night Light.

Sound options including 9 white noise options like fan and Dohm sounds brown noise, 8 sleep songs (Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star, Lullaby, Happy Child, Landscape, Calm, Chimes, Relax and Restore), and 7 nature sounds (Rain, Ocean Surf, Gentle Surf, Stream, Thunderstorm, Birds and Campfire).

Tailor your ambiance with the customisable night light ring perfect for nighttime feedings or young children. Choose from a warm, amber glow or adjust the colour and intensity and create a calming ambiance with a spectrum of colours.

Sleek and minimalistic combination unit fits in seamlessly with any bedroom, nursery, or office design. Easy to operate with a simple and user-friendly interface.  Run the multi-sound machine all night long or set the auto-off timer.

24 sound options
25 volume settings
Effectively masks noise
Colour changing night light
Continuous sound with an auto-off function
Sleek design
Sleep timer - 45minutes, 90 minutes or 8 hours

Headphone Jack


About Marpac White Noise Machines:

Over 45 years ago, Marpac founder developed the original Sound Screen sound conditioner because he was having trouble sleeping. It worked so well, he made it available to his friends and family and ultimately the world. 

Today, the Sound Screen is still the most economical, most popular sound conditioner on the market.

Please note that Marpac is now rebranding its products as Yogasleep and transitioning to new packaging under the Yogasleep brand. Marpac has been creating sleep-savings products since 1962 and will be continuing this proud tradition under the Yogasleep brand.