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Zed the portable Vibrating Soother

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The Award-Winning Vibration Sleep Soother and Night Light

Does your baby sleep better in the car than in their cot? Ever resorted to driving around the block to get them to sleep? Zed can help, with his car-like vibrations.

Simply place him by your baby’s feet and the soothing vibrations will ripple through the mattress, comforting them and encouraging a deep sleep.


6 calming vibration modes let you find the perfect virtual car ride for your baby – helping improve their sleep and nap lengths.
Works on any type of mattress – so you can use it with the Moses basket, cot, pram, bed or even feeding cushion.
Portable design means you can take it anywhere – useful for holidays or overnight stays at the grandparents' house.
Night light features 3 calming red light levels – great for night feeds and promoting sleep.
1-hour or 12-hour options for the night light – handy for babies and older children alike.

The Science

To mimic the feeling of being in a car, Zed uses special motors that generate both the low frequency rumbles of the car suspension and the revving of the engine. The vibrations create soothing sounds, making it a true car-like experience.

Zed has 3 static vibration speeds plus 3 additional modes which give varying speeds to simulate a car accelerating and decelerating. The different modes allow you to find the best sleep-inducing rhythm for your baby.

Babies tend to sleep in 45-minute cycles, so Zed was designed to fade out gently after 1 hour, by which time your baby should be into a second sleep cycle and a deeper sleep.

We added a calming red night light to Zed, because the red glow is known to help relax babies and promote melatonin production – encouraging an ever deeper sleep.

Instruction Video

Dimensions H 130mm x W 90mm x D 60mm
Vibration and night light modes Can be used separately or together
Batteries 2 X AA batteries required (not included)
Weight 202g
Warranty 1 year
In the box 1x Zed, 1x User Instructions
Safety Zed has been tested to EN71 safety standards and is suitable from birth.
Position Zed at the foot end of the mattress.
Zed can be surface cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water.