Brolly Sheets Sleeping Bag Liner

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The perfect solution for camping, school camps and sleepovers.

This liner fits inside most standard sleeping bags (170cm x 70cm) and there is a side opening to make it easy to get in and out of.

The top and bottom are waterproof so if your child wets up, or 'wraps themselves around' it will still protect the sleeping bag. An added benefit is that the waterproof layer will stop ground moisture from reaching the sleeper.


Simply sleep inside this liner to be assured of a night of no leaking, even if an accident does occur.

There are two options, quilted or simple; the simple one has the same two layers of cotton jersey bonded together with a waterproof membrane in the middle. So it is just 'one' piece of fabric as opposed to the quilted version which has two pieces of fabric top and bottom with a quilted bottom layer to sleep on.