About Us


Zalie was in her final year of study for a Diploma in Childbirth Education when she approached Annie with an idea of starting ‘The Stork Network’; a service offering new parents the support  and education they deserve and need during the crazy journey into parenting. Two friends with a combined passion and before you know it our #1 course Learning Babies was born. A short time later, so was the idea of reaching out to all the families nationwide, welcome to The Stork Network Online and a while later The Stork Network Store.
We love being able to offer a safe space where people feel comfortable and accepted, no judgement, supported and not to mention a child-friendly space where they can meet other parents.  
Did we mention we have a coffee bar? Tired parents and delicious coffee = a winning combo
Through our own parenting journeys and a with a drive to give everyone the support and education they deserve we have created a hub we only wish had been available for us when we needed it.  
We are beyond proud and grateful for all your support in the past, present and future.  
TSN Team xx