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Babysitting Skills Workshop

Babysitting Skills Workshop

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Our Babysitting Skills Workshop is the perfect opportunity for aspiring young babysitters to gain essential skills and knowledge to care for children of various ages with confidence. This hands-on workshop provides a safe and interactive learning environment where participants, typically aged 14-18, are nurtured through knowledge by our highly skilled facilitators.

Course Times: 

ASHBURTON - Sunday May 5th 9am - 4:30pm 

Workshop Topics:

  1. Safety: Learn about age appropriate care, emergency protocols, and first aid basics as well as information on keeping yourself safe in babysitting situations. 

  2. Child Development: Understand the developmental stages of children, from infants to adolescents, and how to adapt your care accordingly.

  3. Playtime and Activities: Discover fun and educational age appropriate games and activities to keep children engaged and entertained.

  4. Feeding and Nutrition: Gain insight into age-appropriate meals and snacks, as well as handling dietary restrictions and allergies.

  5. Bedtime and Routines: Learn the importance of bedtime routines and creating a comfortable sleeping environment.

  6. Effective Communication: Explore how to communicate with children, parents, and emergency contacts.

  7. The Business of Babysitting: Understand the basics of setting rates, managing schedules, and marketing your babysitting services.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for young individuals to start their babysitting journey of caring with confidence. 

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