Fill Your Tank

As parents we are constantly giving – we give to our babies, our partners, our friends and family. Some of us still have to work, we volunteer, we run houses, we have pets and some of us are also studying. We are always giving, socially, emotionally, mentally and physically!
In today’s society we are not only constantly ‘giving’ we are doing it with a huge sense of social pressure to do everything perfectly. Social media and beautiful photo filters portray this wonderful sense of perfection and we seem to accept that this ‘beautifully filtered image’ we’ve seen is normality. The truth is parenting is hard and it’s not always perfect! Sometimes giving what is needed to get through the day is a struggle on its own without also trying to meet or exceed what’s perceived as our new ‘normal’. There is also the huge expectation today that mothers will do it all themselves but truth is they were right when they said “it takes a village to raise a baby!”
Imagine that what you have to ‘give’ is represented by the water in a fish tank. Every time you give, physically, emotionally, mentally or otherwise you crack your tank and loose some water – Eventually you are going to run out of water to give! This is when we burn out!
The only way to ‘top-up’ your water is by doing things for yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to be separated from your baby or family it just means you have to do something YOU want to do for YOU. Maybe you might have a long shower, choose a cup of tea over the washing, visit a friend, take a walk or get take out instead of cooking. You might need some ‘me time’ like the hair dresser, an afternoon nap or perhaps a massage. Whatever it is make sure it’s for you, be selfish! Try to do something for yourself every day! A parent who looks after themselves will look after their family.
Take Care & Best Wishes
Zalie xxxxx
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