Sleepytot - Comforter/Pacifier Holder

Sleepytot - Comforter/Pacifier Holder

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The perfect snuggley that helps them resettle themselves with their dummy

Suitable from 6 months
Award winning design
4 velcro paws which all can hold a dummy/pacifier/soother/teether
AU/NZ/EU safety approved


Sleepytot will help your little one find their own dummies.  Guess what? Tried, tested and it works! No More Dummy Runs in the night.

The Millpond Child Sleep Clinic and sleep consultants worldwide recommend our comforters as a way of helping little ones find their dummies easily at night and return to sleep without fully waking.

Your little one should NOT be still swaddled.They should be rolling around the cot and moving things to and from their face.

If in doubt wait a little longer to introduce. The older your little one is the quicker they will learn to replace their own dummy with the help of sleepytot.