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Downloadable Toilet Training Booklet

Downloadable Toilet Training Booklet

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All the information you need to begin your journey into day time toilet training in one downloadable booklet.

"Learning to correctly use the toilet is a massive developmental step in any child’s life. It is a highly anticipated event for any parent and a huge leap in the child’s plight for independence.Although it is a really positive and celebrated time it can also bring stress, frustration and sometimes disappointment. Knowing when a child is ready for toileting and how you can encourage them can aid in ensuring the transition from nappies to underwear goes as smoothly as possible for you and your child"

 This booklet covers the following subjects:
Signs of readiness
The process of going to the toilet
Tips to get started

Using effective rewards

This booklet looks at daytime dryness for children that fit within the category of 'normal' meaning they are under the age of 5 and do not have any medical or psychological issues preventing normal progression during this stage.

By downloading this booklet you agree to not copying, distributing or on selling this file in both digital or hard copies.  

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