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Snazzipants Night Training Pants - Navy Basics

Snazzipants Night Training Pants - Navy Basics

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  • Will not hold as much as a disposable - for kids almost dry
  • The Perfect Transition from Pull-ups to Undies
  • Designed to help with night-time potty training
  • 100% cotton with a soft waterproof panel
  • Gives you peace of mind when accidents occur
  • Reusable & Eco-Friendly
  • Look & Feel like undies

Our Snazzi Pants ‘basic’ range of washable night training pants is the perfect solution for parents who are toilet training their little ones! Created with soft, comfortable materials and an absorbent core.

Made to help your child move out from nappies or pull-ups, our range of night pants is absorbent, reusable, and comfortable. A great alternative to disposables when your child is almost dry - they will save you money and reduce landfill!  

A selection of new larger sizing is now available. We have designed this new range of night pants to fit more comfortably, and they are more in line with major underwear brands. 

We always recommend using with a Brolly Sheet.

Made from cotton, they look and feel like undies but will give your child peace of mind. Absorbency is about 180 MLS.

Cloth pants will never be as absorbent as disposables unless they are really bulky which most kids won’t wear. Our Night Training Pants are designed for a child who is on the way to nighttime dryness and isn’t completely filling a disposable. There are 2 bands inside where an extra booster pad can be placed if you feel you need extra protection.

The pants are designed to fit snugly and securely.

The age below is just a rough guide.  Please take the waist measurements

for sizing.  Kids come in all shapes and so age alone is not also an accurate

way to buy underwear.



Size 2/3 Years 3/4 Years 4/6 Years
Waist 48 - 52cm  52 - 55cm 54 - 58cm
 Size  6/8 Years  8/10 Years 10/12 Years
Waist 58 - 62cm 62 - 65cm 65 - 68cm



Size  2/3 Years  3/4 Years 4/6 Years
Waist 44 - 48cm 48 - 54cm 55 - 57cm
Size 6/8 Years 8/10 Years 10/12 Years
Waist 57 - 59cm 59 - 61cm 61 - 63cm


Size guide night training


Cotton and spandex with a polyurethane waterproof layer.

Care Instructions 

Turn inside out and wash with similar colors.  Cold or warm wash.  Line dry or warm tumble.

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